Monday, May 15, 2006

Lawrence Barnes School PTO Goals

To improve academic achievement for all of our students, we, the members of the Lawrence Barnes School PTO, assert that we will strive to identify and access the resources needed to strengthen Barnes’ learning environment by meeting with parents, teachers, administrators, staff, after-school staff and other school PTO leaders to review our existing PTO and school activities and plan the upcoming year's events and activities, such as:

  • Provide on site, free parenting classes.

  • Form a partnership and share resources with a PTO from a more economically-mixed school.

  • Sponsor ongoing neighborhood community and cultural events jointly with Wheeler, or other schools.

  • Work towards goal of having at least one PTO parent leader in each classroom.

  • Ensure vital teacher participation at all PTO meetings and school events by circulating a sign up sheet prior to the event.

  • Survey teachers to better identify ways that parents can be involved in the classroom

  • Survey parents to better identify ways that they would like to be more involved in school

  • Coordinate trainings for parents interested in volunteering in the classroom.

  • Coordinate “How to” sessions, for parents wanting guidance in helping their child with homework

  • Organize and implement a culturally-sensitive “Welcome Baskets” program for new families and families with preschool aged children in the neighborhood, which would include:
    • Welcome to the neighborhood brochure
    • Information on the Barnes School
    • Coupons & freebies from downtown and ONE businesses
    • Free passes to ECHO, the movies, or local museums
    • Handout of upcoming community events
    • Personal invitation to Barnes’ next Open House and PTO meeting

  • Coordinate Barnes Open House for new neighborhood families

  • Make the necessary connections to ensure that Barnes students have the opportunity to participate in a school play or chorus

  • Work closely with Somali Bantu liaison and VRRP to ensure that all events are adequately promoted throughout our ESL population.

  • Collaborate with After School Program Coordinator to expand upon enrichment programs offered and to explore possibility of offering late-afternoon activities that parents and children can participate in together.

  • Organize and implement Family Reading Nights, and other special events focusing on academic achievement.

  • Work with local businesses to offer incentives for those parents committing to become more involved in their child’s schooling.

  • Organize possible speakers for Barnes student assemblies.

  • Coordinate summer programming on site at Barnes, promoting food gardening, music, good nutrition, and the arts.

  • Coordinate at least one PTO meeting over the summer, to oversee summer programming and to plan for strong showing in September ONE parade.

  • Actively seek out Big Brother/Sister mentoring opportunities for students.

  • Coordinate on site job fairs for families.

  • Coordinate Health & Wellness fair for families, showcasing local resources and services.

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