Thursday, September 27, 2007

Update on threat of school closure

On Tuesday, October 2, the Agenda Committee of the School Board will vote whether or not to recommend to the whole school board a motion affirming that the District should keep open all six elementary schools. If this proposal is voted down, that would indicate a desire to close one or more schools, most likely Barnes and/or Wheeler

The full school board could vote on this proposal as early as Tuesday, October 9.

The Lawrence Barnes PTO is asking people to sign the open letter below, and also encouraging Barnes parents to attend the upcoming School Board and Committee meetings:

Tuesday, October 2nd

Tuesday, October 2nd

Tuesday, October 9th

All meetings are at Ira Allen Building, 150 Colchester Avenue (Map »)

For more information, or to get more involved, contact Heather Riemer 865 3048, Siobhan Donegan 864 0984, or Sara Osaba 363 1901


Anonymous said...

While ideally it would be wonderful if all the schools could stay open, this issue needs to be looked at in a greater context that includes city funds, population size, and other services that also need funding. Burlington has some serious income issues, and most people do not want to pay more taxes. That means you have to cut spending.

Viva Espresso said...

Megan Munson-Warnken
Wayne Warnken

It would be really great if, instead of sending a school/community to the chopping block to resolve budgetary issues, the board and the city could come up with creative solutions for the short-term and visionary solutions for the long-term.

What would it look like if our public school system was so progressive, thoughtful and outstanding overall that folks were moving here from throughout Chittenden County, VT and the country to be a part of it? Families move out for suburban schools every day. Let's bring them back. Instead of lamenting the declining enrollment, let's have the guts and fortitude to create a school system that attracts increasing enrollment.
And in that vision of our future, we need at least all the elementary schools we have now. Let's move the discussion forward, not back.